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Reproduction Work
Mapleview Animal Hospital, PC is a full-service canine reproduction facility covering: Progesterone testing; LH testing; vaginal cytology; Artificial Inseminations (using fresh, fresh chilled or frozen semen) by vaginal or surgical insemination; collection and preparation of semen for fresh, fresh chilled or frozen collections; and, semen freezing.

Semen freezing became a part of Mapleview, when in 1999, Jim went to Camelot Farms in Bryant, Texas to learn the technique of semen freezing. The on-site semen storage facility allows easy access to the frozen semen. To date, Jim has collected and frozen over 40 dogs of various breeds and other clients have had semen shipped from other storage facilities and Sweden to remain in residence at Mapleview. To learn more about the Camelot Farms system, visit their website at:

Mapleview also offers Veterinary Care for many types of animals, even exotic animals, as well as Boarding, Grooming and even Reproduction Work.



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